Security PCB Application

1. Security Program Overview

For the small and medium-sized security surveillance market in the general industry, surveillance owners face the following challenging issues:

In the open security monitoring market, there are a wide variety of heterogeneous equipment (such as DVR, DVS, IPC from different manufacturers), and user customization needs are different (such as alarm system linkage, access control system integration, GIS electronic map integration). How can we meet these needs without making the owner’s investment too high?

How to make video images clearer, how to make video content more intelligent, how to access a variety of new digital devices in the all-digital era, how to unify resources, unify numbers, unify permissions, and unify management, and finally make “forensics after the fact” The traditional monitoring model gradually transitioned to a new management model of “management in the event and prevention in advance”?

The increase in monitoring objects and the increase in the types and quantities of front-end monitoring equipment that need to be connected have put forward a test to the monitoring system. How to perfectly integrate the various heterogeneous front-end equipment, and how to properly manage the independent monitoring resources to make integration Can the monitoring system work together under a centralized management platform to provide satisfactory services to owners?

According to market demand, the Network Video Recorder (NVR) network monitoring solution can solve the above problems well. NVR introduces the concept of “middleware” that has been widely used in the IT field, and develops “video middleware”, thus opening up Personnel can integrate various digital devices flexibly and efficiently, and also ensure the stability of the entire monitoring system. At the same time, the management platform is used to form networked management of the NVR, while ensuring the distributed autonomy of each NVR, it also achieves comprehensive management of the integrated monitoring system.

2. Security System Composition

Structure composition and scheme design of small and medium-security monitoring system in general industry

Structural design

In distributed storage mode, the video resources of the monitoring front end are stored locally on the NVR of each node, and the networked monitoring platform is not responsible for video storage.

Video surveillance nodes include various types of NVR systems, including hybrid access NVR, pure digital NVR,

Security NVR PCBAE

Security NVR PCBAE

and storage NVR.

The pure digital NVR surveillance front end can access various network cameras and manage heterogeneous DVR systems, and can directly localize the output display; the hybrid NVR surveillance front end can access various types of analog cameras and network cameras and manage heterogeneous DVR system supports localized output display; storage-type NVR monitoring front end can access various network cameras and manage heterogeneous DVR systems and store them locally.

The monitoring center NVR is responsible for monitoring system networking, user authentication, configuration management, and video stream forwarding, retrieval and query functions.

3.  Security System Features

Powerful system compatibility

The system platform is compatible with different models of DVR, DVS, IPC, and NVR from most mainstream manufacturers; it supports interconnection between platforms in the form of national standards, industry standards, and landmarks.

4. Security Intelligent Management of Bandwidth and Permissions

The system/platform can provide owners with intelligent bandwidth management methods, through efficient mechanisms to make full use of trunk resources, greatly improving network bandwidth utilization; and the system/platform provides intelligent rights management, high-level customers can preempt low-level video or other Resources.

5.  Security Second-level Video Playback

The unique file storage system of the system can store video frames, which can effectively reduce the generation of video fragments, greatly improve storage efficiency, and maximize the speed of hard disk write data, and the life of the disk is also protected to the maximum extent.

6. Security Rich Extended Applications

The three types of NVR provided by the system/platform have a wealth of extended applications, which provide a great convenience for the owners to expand and renovate in the future.

1) Extended application of hybrid NVR system


2) Extended application of digital NVR system


3) Storage NVR system expansion application


7. Security System Function

a. Video network management

NVR stand-alone is a self-contained system. Several NVR systems can form network management through a set of the integrated management platform. Authorized users of the system can operate and control resources such as cameras and storage devices of other monitoring nodes from any monitoring node or monitoring center.


b. Real-time video browsing

Able to set video automatic patrol, set the time and monitoring area, the system will continuously and automatically patrol the set area within the specified time, during which the pan/tilt or dome can be controlled at any time to realize the arbitrary control and automatic control of video images Features.

c. Video recording playback

It can support a variety of playback operations, and take pictures of historical videos and store them as pictures in common formats jpeg or bmp.

d. Video stream distribution

It supports the distribution of a video source to multiple users, and multiple users can operate the system at the same time; and a perfect authority management mechanism, users with a high priority level of authority preempt resources and perform operations such as video viewing.

e. Monitor keyboard operation

It can support serial connection to monitor keyboards of multiple manufacturers, and control the display and control of video images through the keyboard. It is also possible to create one or more virtual keyboards on the PC, the operation is similar to the actual keyboard.

f. Multi-level alarm linkage

1) NVR can be connected to various standard alarm detectors, including infrared through-beam, double-check detection, smoke detection, glass breakage, etc.; support the connection of multiple types of alarm boxes and alarm hosts;

2) Remote alarm and linkage control can detect multiple alarm signals. When an alarm occurs, various corresponding linkage devices are automatically activated, the video is switched to the corresponding camera, the automatic recording is triggered, and an alarm is sent to the monitoring center through the network. Alarm message prompt pops up on the terminal;

3) Support the setting of alarm parameters, set the physical parameters of the alarm box model, serial port, etc.; the client displays the detailed information list of alarm input and output, motion detection, and video loss; set the alarm display order.


Security Application Field

Closed-circuit monitoring
Burglar alarm
Video Door Phone
Parking Management
Infrared Perimeter Alarm
Electronic fence
Go on night patrol
Attendance check
Security room
Electronic examination room
Intelligent door lock
Video Security Monitoring
Control System
Entry and exit control
Alarm Communication Command System
Attendance check


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