Quality is One Most Important Essential Factors

PCB Quality is one of the most important specialties and essential factors.

And PCB used and applied for all kinds of electronic devices.

All functions and performance of devices are based on PCBs. In one word, PCB is the heart of electronic devices for quality.

How to ensure the quality and reliability of electronic devices is one of our key items for products.

Quality Control and Assurance from PCB Design to Assembly

Regarding PCB performance, it can be testified and checked as we finished it. That even if the PCB design schematic is correct.

Subsequently, the PCB fabrication is most important for every process, not only for material selection, including every process of fabrication, and assembly.

Third, we would conduct debugging to check and verify whether the quality is good or not.

Even the PCB design and fabrication are perfect jobs, but there are some low-qualified processing with poor quality inspection and checking. The result would be poor as in this case.

Therefore, it’s especially important to implement quality checking, inspection, and we need to ensure all items are carried out based on a perfect quality control plan.

Quality Assurance can guarantee the quality for all items we need care about in the process from PCB design to PCB manufacturing.

The task in quality control and assurance of PCBs comes primarily ineffective management, monitoring and checking, inspecting, verifying on PCB design, PCB Fabrication, and PCB Assembly.

How to Ensure the Quality?

In order to ensure quality in PCB design. we need to conduct the following items:

  • Checking the Validity of PCB Design Files

We shall conduct the Cross-checking according to design rules and provide suggestions till all Engineering Questions are correct and ensured at Our engineering department.

There would have some Engineering questions for every PCB fabrication project if there is any query from our engineers. And all questions need to be confirmed with us then we can start the fabrication. Not only for Layer structure,lay-up, hole, line, space, BGA area, and so on.

The project leader should be responsible for checking PCB design data and corresponding approval procedures have to be implemented so that validity of PCB design files has to be ensured for fabrication.

  • Manufacturability of PCBs Assurance (Tooling Verify Processes)

Project leaders and experts would strictly confirm the requirements in order to ensure the manufacturability of PCBs.

Tech requirement can be directly listed on design drawings if it is relatively simple. Otherwise, it has to be summarized into a form that is Manufacturing Instructions.

Even it is a simple and easy requirement, it has to be explained as clear, accurate, and traceability.

As a value-added option for our services, PCBAE can offer Free DFM Check. If any issue was found, our supporting teams would get in touch with you immediately to solve the issue.

  • Testability Based on Quality Control Plan

All Testing, checking, controlling items would be defined on the Quality Control Plan to standardize the implements for every test point’s structural style, dimensions, routing, hole and control characters so that we can ensure testability and manufacturability of PCBs.

  • The capability of PCB Matching

PCBAE has four MFG sites for PCB Fabrication. We need to select one of them to start the fabrication according to the design file.

There are all extended custom PCB manufacturing capabilities for a comprehensive range of PCBs, including, PCB prototyping and NPI/Pilot/Mass (Four Fabrication sites to match your flexible requirements).

Flexible-rigid PCB

High-Density Interconnection ( HDI

Heavy Copper for Double/Multilayer PCBs

Metal Core PCB (Copper, Aluminium, Steel substrate, etc)

Impedance Control, Mixed Dielectric Base High-Frequency PCBs

Double-side and Multilayer PCBs

Highfive HDI AI PCB Quality

Highfive HDI AI PCB Quality

FR-4 Tg, Hi-Tg, Rogers, Roger +FR-4 Hybrid, Halogen-free, BT Epoxy, Teflon, Arlon, Taconics, RCC, Cyanate Ester, Polyimide, Nelson, Geek, Allied 408, CEM3, ceramic, PTFE, etc.

  • Double-Checking and Confirmation of PCB Files

Engineering engineers have to double-check and confirm the design files are correct prior to manufacturing. Sometimes, the PCB files have some versions of design files. So it’s necessary to for double-checking.

  • All Key Parameters Monitoring and Double-checking

The quality of key parameters must be monitored and checked, for example, including copper etching, via hole mentalization, pattern plating, etc.

In order to ensure avoid the wrong operations, for example, absence of burr, line space, line width, solder mask bridge, stack-up defect, and so on.

Quality control and assurance items would be shown on the MI( Manufacturing Instruction)

  • PCBAE Specialties Based on Rich Engineering Experience

PCBAE attention to detail and commitment to the customer in a small business environment delivers a quality product on time.

As EMS, electronic and electrical Solutions, PCB, and PCBA technologies change with time, we have kept pace with innovations and updated applications.

If you are exploring new concepts in any design, tell us about your choices in new materials.

We are centrally located in Guangdong, China, and have been in service for over 15 years. Our focus is on PCB prototype, NPI, Pilot, mass production, but help is also available in design, and assembly areas in these disciplines.

What can we do that ensure the quality as below items:

Cutting-edge Manufacturing Equipment

 Rich Experience in Engineering

Best Material Selection

 The Controlled Quality Plan

 Strict Quality Checking and Assurance Teams

 Rich Experience of DFM/DFT/DFZ/DFX— X = Cost, Sourcing, Assembly, Test, Quality, Reliability, Service

EMC Control

 Gerber File Checking and Assurance

 Documented Work Flow Structure

Impedance and Current Control

PCBAE is dedicated to on-time product delivery, with special emphasis on proper documentation.

Specification reviews with engineers and regular feedback will keep you abreast of any new developments on your product.


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