Flexible Rigid PCB Fabrication

How to Guarantee the Quality of Flexible Rigid PCB?

Flexible-rigid PCB provides a simple means to integrate multiple PCB assemblies and other elements such as display, input, or storage devices without wires, cables, or connectors, replacing them with thin, light composites that integrate wiring in ultra-thin, flexible ribbons between sections.

In rigid-flex packaging, a flexible circuit substrate provides a backbone of wiring with rigid multilayer circuit sections built up as modules where needed.

Flex and Rigid-Flex applications also provide increased reliability. Meantime between failure rates (MTBF) typically exceed those of standard PCB sets with discrete wires and connectors, often becoming the choice of companies and engineers alike for its dependable and consistent performance.

Highfive Electronics has extensive experience, product knowledge, and technical competency in this area.

Flex & Rigid-Flex expertise can also be found in various medical and health-related test equipment, computing networks, and various scientific and industrial applications. Medical, military, aerospace, artificial intelligence, energy, power, industrial control, Internet of things, security, telecommunications.