Highfive extensive range of assembly services offers customers a complete manufacturing solution.

7*24 hours Supporting

From state-of-the-art global facilities to engineer supported trained employees and processes, PCB assembly results in superior manufactured products.

Highfive EMS utilizes a variety of assembly processes from manual to highly automated, depending upon product complexity and degree of customization.


PCBA Component Size

Passive Component: 01005, 0201,0402.

BGA: 0.25 mm pitch with X-ray testing.

Fine Pitch Parts: 0.25 mm fine pitch parts.

PCBA Component Package

Reels, Cut Tape, Tube & Tray, Loose Parts, and Bulk.

PCB Assembly Board SIZE

Min Board Size: 50 mm x 100 mm (Boards smaller than this size need to be penalized)

Max Board Size: 250 mm x 500 mm

PCB Assembly Board Shape


Circular Odd Shapes

(For other shapes, two paralleled edges of the penalized boards need to be passed through the processes.)

PCB Assembly Options

Surface Mount (SMT)

Thru-Hole (THT)

Hybrid of both

PCBA Testing Procedures

The various testing method

Visual inspection

X-ray Inspection

AOI Testing

ICT (In-Circuit)

Function Testing (From Clients)

PCBA Repair & Rework

BGA ICs can be for rebelling service.

PCBA Capabilities

Highfive EMS capabilities include electro-mechanical, electrical, mechanical, and box-build assembly.

Our highly skilled and trained employees participate in certification programs assuring error-free assembly processes.

Engineering and management teams are continually improving quality processes to maintain the highest levels of performance.

Whether manual or automated our production lines are developed for accuracy and speed in assembly.

This focus produces high-quality assemblies in a decreased time to market.

Our state-of-the-art assembly equipment enables us to meet all your PCBA needs under one roof in an inexpensive way, our Printed Circuits Boards Assembly Capability includes but not limited to what is listed below, as we are updating our equipment constantly to keep us on the cutting edge. If your PCB Assembly demands are beyond these capabilities, please contact us we will respond if we can do or not within 24 hours.

Highfive production facilities are ISO 9001 certified to ensure we go beyond your expectations.

ISO 9001 certified

IPC 610-D Test specification

The pass rate of ≥99.5%

Quality complaint rate ≤ 0.1%

Our list of printed circuit board assembly capabilities allows our PCB customers to have the convenience of a “One Stop Solution” for their manufacturing and assembly needs.

A free PCB assembly quotation is just a click away. Click the below button to enter our PCBA Price Calculator, fill out your custom PCBA spec, and rough PCB price will show up in the right column automatically (shipping price will be given on the order confirmation page).

PCBA SMT Capabilities

PCBA SMT Capabilities

Highfive SMT

Electra-Mechanical Assembly

Products and Services

PCBAs Motors Gears Drives belts Sensors Stepper motors Servo motors Cutting mechanisms Heat sources Fluid handling mechanisms Electrical Assembly

Products with mains electrical design and manufacturing experience

SMT Thru-Hole

Injection-molded plastic parts

Mechanical Assembly

Blow-molded plastic parts

Compression-molded parts

Precision metal stamping, fabrication, and finishing

Die Casts

Stamped and forged

Extruded plastics and metals

Heat Staking

Ultrasonic welding

Box Building

PCBA/enclosure assembly, including firmware loading and full functional test

RF capabilities

Conformal coat

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