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Metal substrates have the following unique advantages BLOG

Meet the requirements of RoHS.

It is more suitable for the SMT process.

Thermal diffusion is treated effectively to reduce the operating temperature of the module, prolong the service life, and improve the power density and reliability.

Reduce the assembly of the radiator and other hardware (including thermal interface materials)

Reduce product volume

Reduce hardware and assembly costs

Optimize the combination of the power circuit and control circuit

Substitute the fragile ceramic with metal substrates for better mechanical durability

Golden rules of PCB design BLOG

Despite the increasing integration of semiconductors, many applications have ready-to-use system-on-a-chip, and many powerful and out-of-the-box development boards are becoming more readily available, but the use of electronics in many use cases Still need to use a custom PCB. In a one-time development, even a common PCB can play a very important role. PCB is the physical platform for design and the most flexible component for the original components for electronic system design.

Through hole design skills

Via hole is one of the important components of multi-layer PCB. The cost of drilling is usually 30%-40% of the cost of a PCB board. To put it simply,each hole in the PCB can be called a via hole. In terms of function, the vias can be divided into two types: one is used as an electrical connection between the layers; the other is used for fixing or positioning the components. In terms of process, the vias generally divided into three types: blind via、buried via and through via.

Copper laying

1.EMC.For large areas of power supply laying copper, will play a shielding role, such as PGND play a protective role.

2.PCB process requirements. Generally, in order to ensure the plating effect or the lamination is not deformed, the PCB board with less wiring is coated with copper.

3.Signal integrity requirements.Give high frequency digital signal a complete backflow path, and reduce DC network wiring. Of course, there are also heat dissipation, special device installation require to lay copper and other reasons.

How to improve PCB design for High Frequency

Tips for designing high frequency board layout

(1) High-frequency circuits tend to have high integration and high wiring density. The use of multi-layer boards is both necessary for wiring and an effective means to reduce interference.



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