Energy PCB

According to different applications, use different PCB design rules and PCB materials, process flow, control methods, test methods, and surface treatment methods.


Energy PCB Application

Energy production, storage, dissemination, preservation, conversion, management, and utilization of related electronic technology fields.


Power Battery Management and Energy Harvesting

BMS Power Battery Management has been used widely for all industries. LiFePO4 had been applied to many industries.


Development and Utilization of Coal Bed Methane

Coal mining and development.

High, medium, and high concentration coalbed methane utilization technology has matured.

The utilization technology of low-concentration coalbed methane is at the stage of research and demonstration.


Oil and Gas Exploration and Development with Energy PCB

3D modeling of complex structures and other technologies are widely used.

Development of four-dimensional geological data collection technology.

Development of imaging logging tools for miniaturization, integration, and networking.

Shared terrain models and virtual representation technology are developing rapidly.

The development technology of beaches and offshore oil fields is developing towards platform integration, intelligent operation, and high reliability of equipment.


Hydropower Transmission and Distribution with Energy PCB

Advanced new transmission.

Application of Intelligent Technology in Improving Energy Utilization Efficiency.


Grid Security Energy PCB

Distributed power sources characterized by energy cascade utilization have changed the traditional model of centralized power generation and large-scale transmission.


Nuclear Power Generation Energy PCB Application

The third-generation water reactor technology is moving towards passive safety, and measures have been taken to prevent and mitigate serious accidents.

The fourth-generation nuclear power technology is moving towards inherent safety and economic development, reducing waste, and preventing nuclear proliferation.


Wind Power Energy PCB Application

Wind turbines move towards large and efficient.

The maximum capacity of a single unit of a wind turbine in operation is up to 7 MW.

Wind turbines of more than 10 megawatts are under development.

Offshore wind power solves the technical problems of unit installation, power transmission, and unit anti-corrosion.


Solar Generation Energy PCB

Development of solar energy utilization towards the integration of collection, storage, and utilization.

The maximum single-unit capacity of photovoltaic grid-connected inverters exceeds 1 MW.

Photovoltaic automatic sun protection tracking device has been widely used.

Solar-powered aircraft powered by photovoltaic power generation can fly around the clock.

Power Energy PCB

Power Energy PCB

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