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Highfive Capability PCBA provides Rigid, Flexible-Rigid, Flexible PCB Assembly EMS with cost-effective PCB assembly design and assembly services. We specialize in accommodating different requirements for volume, mix, and complexity.

One-piece sample or mass production assembly, we have sample production lines and mass production lines to match the different quantities.

We meet our customer’s time to market schedules while minimizing total landed costs.

Capability PCBA

Capability PCBA Flexible for Assembly Quantity

We excel in a range of volume requirements from low-volume complex, custom products to high-volume standard products.

Our lead times can be as short as one week for standard products.

Highfive performs PCBA project management, design, documentation, and artwork generation by using the latest software technologies to produce the highest quality products. Our Program Managers and Engineers are experts in CAD Star, Allegro, PADS, Mentor, and CCT for PCBA layout.

These are our Specialties to other companies.

Capability PCBA

Capability PCBA  Minimum Order

Our minimum is as low as 1 piece. We do not want you to pay for what you do not need indeed to save you money.

PCB Layout and Modify as We Have Hardware Experts

Our engineers can perform board layout from the customer’s schematic and will perform a Design For Manufacturing (DFM), Design For Test (DFT), and cost reduction review. We can also modify any existing drawings to customer specifications.

All Highfive PCBA facilities maintain high-quality ISO 9000 standards. This commitment to quality means our customers receive the highest quality products worldwide.

This is one most important items that how to cost down for your projects.

How to help you for NPI?-Capability PCBA

We have experience in many methods of printed circuit board assembly, from thru-hole and mixed technology to customized fine pitch surface mount technologies. Highfive PCBA’s complete breadth of manufacturing services and in-house testing capabilities keep product costs down, ensure product security, and meet time to market requirements.

Capability PCBA

Electronic Manufacturing Services-Capability PCBA

PCBA layout

Design evaluation

Prototype builds

Pre-production assistance

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

Design For Test (DFT)

PCBA Technologies Capability PCBA

BGA, Micro BGA

Flip Chip, Chip On Board (COB)

Tape Automated Bonding (TAB)

Bare die wire bond


Flying probe

Selective Solder

Highfive BOM Material Sourcing Capability PCBA 

Consigned/kitted We prefer you supply all the parts for the PCBA services. In this case, please send us all the components with a BOM file and detailed packing list indicating item number, customer or manufacturer’s part number, and quantity in kit.

Turn-key With our wide and powerful network of parts sourcing, we offer Turn-key PCBA service. We do not mark upon the cost of the parts. Considering the big price gap between different suppliers, we only source from reliable suppliers who may have no price advantages. We will always ask for your approval before making any decisions.

Partial Turn-key/Combo This is our regular practice in which you offer the main devices and components, while we source the rest for you. Just like the Turn-key service, we will ask for your approval on every detail of the parts concerning price, quality, and availability.

Lead Time

Our assembly time ranges from 24 hours to a few weeks. Please choose the appropriate time option to fit your schedule and budget. Due to the complexity of how to determine the turn time of PCBA services, our policy is that turn-time begins immediately after all the parts are ready and all the PCB files (Gerber files/other PCB files, etc.,), Centroid (Pick & Place PNP file, or XY Data or files in other formats), BOM, and all other necessary data or documents/images/photos are complete for our assembly work.

Surface Mount Capability PCBA

PCBA for a wide range of volume, mix, and complexity requirements

No clean or aqueous solder process

Fine pitch screen printing/placement down to 8 mils (.008″)

Odd form part placement

Mixed technology


01005 and 0201 Chip Components


Capability PCBA Thru-Hole


Water wash

Ionic contamination testing

Axial Insertion

DIP Insertion

Component Lead Forming

Capability PCBA Assembly & Test Equipment

Screen Printers

Solder Paste Inspection (AOI)

Leading-edge X-Ray 3-D solder paste inspection

Surface Mount Lines: Universal & FUJI High-speed placement,

MYDATA low volume/high mix

Fine Pitch/Odd Form Placement: Universal AdVantis

Force Convection Reflow: Heller and BTU (Nitrogen)

Fine Pitch/BGA Re-work: Conceptronics Freedom 3000

Thru-Hole Lines: Universal and Dynaport Axial & Radial Inserters,

DIP Inserters

Wave Solder Machines

Selective Soldering

X-Ray Inspection System

In-circuit Test: Agilent Series

Automated Optical Inspection

Product specific functional testing

Capability PCBA  Component Package 

Reels, Cut Tape, Tube & Tray, Loose Parts, and Bulk.

Repair and rework can be difficult, but we do. Our BGA rebelling service with which we can safely remove the misplaced BGA, then we can recall it and put it back on the PCB correctly. It is cost-effective.

Please contact us if you need more detail. Or contact HIEDESIGN to ODM & OEM,

Capability PCBA

Capability PCBA