Artificial Intelligence AI PCB


Highfive HDI Rigid Flex Prototype PCB Layout Rules AI PCB

Highfive HDI Rigid Flex Prototype PCB Layout Rules AI PCB

Artificial intelligence has been deeply applied to many niche industries and markets.


AI PCB Intelligent programming control professional system


MT machine translation.

Artificial intelligence control.

robot technology.

Language and image understanding.

Genetic programming.

Robot factory.

At present, many companies adopt intelligent manufacturing and MES systems to reduce labor costs and use artificial intelligence robots in the entire process of logistics, warehousing, inspection, production, inspection, packaging, and shipment, to monitor work efficiency, monitoring, quality, and statistics. , Process optimization has been greatly improved.

Automatic programming.

Huge information processing, storage, and management, execution of tasks that cannot be performed in life, complex or large-scale tasks, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Recognition

Portrait recognition.

Character recognition.

Image recognition.

LPR license plate recognition.

The large-scale realization of the license plate recognition and payment system greatly improves the work efficiency of vehicle personnel, allowing work and life to be carried out efficiently in a high-tech system.

Speech Recognition.

3D recognition.

Machine vision.

Fingerprint recognition.

Face recognition.

In the safety and security system, it is widely used, and the efficient and safe identification system keeps everyone in a safe environment.

Retina recognition

Iris recognition.

Palmprint recognition.

Other AI PCB Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Automatic planning.
Smart search.
Proof of the theorem.
play games.

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