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It is easy and cheap to get your rapid prototypes with free Supporting Here!

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 Electronic Design & Development

 Prototyping

 Quick-turn

 Solid Manufacturing and Assembly

 Mix-Production

 Cutting-edge Manufacturing

 Exceptional Turn Time

 Competitive Cost

 Complete Confidentiality

 Consulting of DFM/Design for Manufacturability

DFT/Design for Testability


— X = Cost, Resource, Assembly, Quality, Reliability, Services

 Confirmation of EMI Control

WHY CHOOSE Highfive Electronics?

Specialties as Quick-turn Prototypes

Specialties as quick-turn for prototypes is one of our key goals. Electronic project Quick-turn for your prototype and deliveries spread over weeks for large volume in a blanket order are all handled smoothly.

Project Schedule Specialties

Industrial Design: 10-18 Working Days

Mechanical Design: 18-25  Working Days

Hardware Design: 20-25  Working Days

Firmware Development: 20—30  Working Days

Platform Development: 20-30  Working Days

Project Quotes can be conducted in 24 hours according to customer requirements


Highfive Electronics is dedicated to on-time product delivery, with special emphasis on proper documentation. Specification reviews with engineers and regular feedback will keep you abreast of any new developments on your product.


Highfive EMS Center A Specialties

Highfive EMS Center A Specialties


Project Prototyping

Prototyping PCB design is your chance to see the first functional version of your design.

Before going to pilot or small volume, batch production, this is one step to iron out any design kinks, improve the allocation of materials, and impress stakeholders or investors with an interest in your project.

The teams at Highfive Technology have decades of experience. Then can turning ideas and PCB designs into fully functional prototypes. We’d love to do the same for you.

Got Quick Electronic Project But a Tight Budget

We offer a number of discounts in areas. They are like finishing, testing, turnaround rate, and delivery time.

The highly functional cost team can source for breaks down costs, optional extras, and available discounts to give you full control over the purchasing decision.

If you think you might qualify for an order-pooling discount then contact a member of the team today.

Call Us: +86-189-26069795

The quickest project prototype Specialties

We always speed up the ordering process. Decades of experience in various sectors of the electronics industry has given our team a healthy appreciation for the kinds of commercial pressures and deadlines which engineers and designers face every day.

This understanding helps us prioritize the rapid delivery of quality circuit boards before everything else. We work at the pace modern-day designers expect from their suppliers.

Need a prototype delivered before an exhibition. We can be up all night finalizing a design before that big investor meeting.

Quality Standard ISO:9001

Stringent quality control ensures delivery of the good product, We follow the industrial standards. ISO: 9001

Our processes are calibrated by an independent agency to maintain traceability to International Standards.

Internal process controls and quality procedures keep all processes running smoothly. All this helps deliver products in a timely fashion at a market-driven quality.

Specialties for NPI/Pilot/Mass

Many of our customers have entrusted us to work with them on their NPI/Prototype needs and then to successfully transition those new projects to production volumes.

Our NPI process ensures that your NPI requirements will be managed and built by the same Electronic Solutions Team and Equipment that will build your production volumes.

This allows for a value-added process that ensures high quality and cost-effective products for you.

Accountability and superior customer satisfaction are provided by nothing being lost in the transition from the NPI/Prototype process to the higher volume production process.


Please contact us for more details if you need, or visit our HIFIVEE for our design and services.

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Competitive Cost Down

HIGHFIVE Competitive Cost 500 About us

HIGHFIVE Competitive Cost 500 About us

Constant Improvement Competitive Cost Down for all processes of Turnkey Solutions

How to improve competitive cost with Highfive Leading Tech Service and Supporting as Free?

When high costs are a common crisis and no matter how economic conditions can be improved, the global electronics

and the electrical industry is tracking effective ways to reduce costs and upgrade.

Profit margins will not affect the quality of product and process development, especially in the electronics industry.

One of the hottest issues experienced by electronics manufacturers and ODM & OEM is the ever-changing technology.

That requires an increasingly complex electronic project.

For all these problems, quality standards should be maintained at every stage of the project.

Of course, happy intermediaries or intermediate links to reduce the cost of the project can be considered.

Only one item we can do that improve competitive cost constantly to match customer requirements.

Competitive Cost Down Highfive

Competitive Cost Down Highfive

LMC(long-term marginal cost)

SMC (short-term marginal cost)

LAC (long-term average cost)

SAC (short-term average cost)

AVC (average variable cost)

AR (average revenue)

MR (marginal revenue)

MC (marginal cost)

P (price)

AC (average cost)

AC=AVC+AFC (average fixed cost)







The equilibrium condition for all markets is MR=MC. In a perfectly competitive market, because the manufacturer is the receiver of prices, for a perfectly competitive market P=MR=AR, so the equilibrium condition should be P=MC.

Constantly Optimize Design and MFG Solution for Competitive Cost Down

Let’s use intelligent steps to improve the combination of fabrication and assembly,

By revealing a more cost-effective and sophisticated way to electronic project.

And constantly optimize processes and testing capabilities.

We can give you suggestions at the beginning of the project.

By providing many different design options to minimize the complexity of project.

These options can help you plan the right prototypes for the first time.

Applying Common Competitive Cost Solutions to Competitive Cost Down

Shape it into a correct way to reduce costs by applying common structures. Complex profiles and shapes often lead to higher costs.

A Smart and smooth PCB layout are located at the edge of the mechanical.

An important stage of electronic project is mechanical processes, and effective planning is needed to reduce costs.

This is the stage of the beginning of project.

Through strategic product engineering, high-quality parts and components needed can be used optimally, thus the cost of each parts can be reduced rapidly.

Confirmed Perfect BOM to Present a Competitive Cost Down Product and Project

Take enough time to present a complete list of classified materials (BOM).

Effective BOM should include all basic elements such as reference mark, part number, description, quality,

SMT method, manufacturer name, floor area, packaging, and BOM level.

The most important thing is to add component replacement elements to BOM.

Because technology is developing faster and new elements need to be replaced immediately to match competitive market trends.

We have rich experience in the component suggestions of replacement elements to BOM.

DFM/DFT/DFZ/DFX— X = Cost, Sourcing, Assembly, Test, Quality, Reliability, Service to Competitive Cost Down

Avoiding additional cutting on the circuit board may increase the cost of project.

Which does not have a significant impact on brand recognition or functionality?

Continuing to conduct rigorous DFM checking to detect specific processes commonly implemented can gradually reduce the cost of project.

By effectively optimizing and modifying the ID, MD, HW, SW, the main factors considered in BOM.

Only Select Professional Experts and Reliable Partners Competitive Cost Down

After Receiving the RFQ of project, you can get about start-up time, order date, payment date, receiving component date, etc.

Consciously select professional experts and reliable sub-contract manufacturers/partners.

But many customers are not satisfied because they have not received the claimed content. In order to avoid these important problems.

Let’s choose some factors that will help us choose reliable manufacturers consciously.

Cutting Edge Tech and Perfect MFG Capability to ensure High Quality to Competitive Cost Down

Looking for a reliable supplier to ensure good manufacturing capability and quality project service management system.

Complying with requirements, which has become a necessary condition to improve the quality of processes and products.

High-tech equipment, well-defined toolbox, and implementation of upgrading technology help to achieve rapid turnover.

High efficiency required manufacturing speed, high precision placement, and effective inspection.

In today’s innovative world, the use of surface mounting technology, through-hole technology

and other professional technology, these factors must become the primary task in the checklist.

Competitive Cost Down based on Highfive Group Resources

Component purchasing is also one of the main considerations in choosing a suitable manufacturer.

In addition to focusing on electronic engineering and ODM & OEM manufacturing mechanisms, great attention should be paid to validating component purchasing capabilities, supplier management and the competitiveness of supply chain networks. We have rich experience for component purchasing over 16 years.

Please contact us for more details if you need them, or visit our HIFIVEE for our creative and innovative products.


Mechanical Design

We pay special attention to details in the corporate environment and promise to customers to deliver high-quality structural design drawings and structural component products on time.

With the continuous innovation and innovation of products in various industries, not only the innovation in EMS, PCB, and PCBA technology, but also the innovation and innovation in electronic and electrical research and development and design solutions. Now, it is also reflected in the appearance of products or projects. And structural innovation.

Mechanical Design 3D Highfive

Mechanical Design 3D Highfive

Changes over time, all customers will first pay attention to the appearance, structure, 3D design, and manufacturability of the structure, so that the structure design team we have established can give full play to its strengths. Our team focuses on every detail of structural design for customers. This team is composed of engineers with many years of experience in mold design, injection, die-casting, stamping, demoulding, etc.

With these characteristics and advantages, we can innovate and keep pace with our customers. If you are planning to explore new concepts in any project structure design, please tell us that our professionalism, focus, and concentration can help you complete the project quickly and efficiently, and achieve the goal of mass production as soon as possible.

More importantly, we are located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. Within a radius of 100 kilometers, we have 200 suppliers ready to provide us with warm, thoughtful and professional services



Highfive Mechanical Design
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Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Industrial Design

  • Mechanical Deisgn

  • Hardware Design

  • Software Development

Highfive 100 LOGO

Get Hands On With Highfive Technology

Please go shpping some of our creative and innovative products now!

Mold Injection

Dongguan Yinzhun Electronics was established in 2004, with a total area of 20,000 square meters and more than 120 employees now, including senior professional technicians and management personnel.


Metal Machining -8 Machining methods from Highfive Electronics

HIGHFIVE’s high-precision machining center has more than 40 sets of precision CNC machining equipment, providing CNC lathes, milling machines, machining centers, and turning-milling composite external processing.


tech head center 2


LCD module

LCM LCD module Highfive

LCM LCD module Highfive

The application of liquid crystal display modules is very extensive, and the technologies involved have different categories according to different occasions.

You can customize the LCD module as you need creative and innovative electronic projects

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IN THE Meaterial of Manufacturing TODAY

Manufacturing Materials

CNC machining materials

3D printing materials

Sheet metal materials

Injection molding materials

Vacuum casting materials

PCB Glossary

October 6th, 2020|

PCB Glossary   A. Overview of PCB Glossary  PCB  Glossary HIGHFIVE Competitive Cost FAQ Printed Circuit Board Flexible Printed Circuit FPC Double-Side Printed [...]

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Highfive ISO 9001


  • Testability Based on Quality Control Plan

All Testing, checking, controlling items would be defined on the Quality Control Plan to standardize the implements for every test point’s structural style, dimensions, routing, hole and control characters so that we can ensure testability and manufacturability of the project.

Flexible-rigid Capabilities

Flexible-Rigid PCB fabrication

Flexible-Rigid PCB fabrication

  Rigid-Flex circuitry provides a simple means to integrate multiple PCB assemblies and other elements such as display, input or storage devices without wires, cables or connectors, replacing them with thin, light composites that integrate wiring in ultra-thin, flexible ribbons between sections. In rigid-flex packaging, a flexible circuit substrate provides a backbone of wiring with rigid multilayer circuit sections built up as modules where needed.   Flex and Rigid-Flex applications also provide increased reliability. Mean time between failure rates (MTBF) typically exceed those of standard PCB sets with discrete wires and connectors, often becoming the choice of companies and engineers alike for its dependable and consistent performance.   Highfive has extensive experience, product knowledge and technical competency in this area. Flex & Rigid-Flex expertise can also be found in various medical and health related test equipment, computing networks, and various scientific and industrial applications.  

Rigid-Flex product types include:

    Type 1: Single sided flexible material with or without shield(s) or stiffener (one conductive layer).     Type 2: Double sided flexible material with or without shield(s) or stiffener (two conductor layerswith plated through holes.     Type 3: Multilayer flexible material with or without shield(s) or stiffener (more than two conductor layers) with plated through holes and HDI.     Type 4: Multilayer rigid and flexible material combinations (more than two conductor layers) with plated through holes and HDI.    

Service Offerings:

      Innovative Rigid-Flex Processes   Premium Material Sets   Rigid-Flex with HDI   Loose Leaf Construction   Oversized Panels   Layer counts to 40+   Heat Sink Application   Internal Quality Standards that often exceed the requirements of IPC-6013, MIL-PRF-31032 and MIL-P-50884 for registration, hole quality and overall reliability.    

Value-Added Solutions:

    Flex Assembly Product Engineering Design / Layout Reverse Engineering Technical Training VMI Concurrent Engineering Applications Support  

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