Industrial Control

At present, industrial control is well applied in many subdivided fields. Industrial control solutions have been widely used in all aspects of industry and our lives,

Traffic Industry Control System

On toll roads, passing vehicles are monitored and traffic flow management. In some locations, control systems will be installed at roads, bridges and highway toll payment points as the basis for payment. At the same time, it also provides big traffic data for social applications,

At the intersection of highway roads, there is traffic light control, including a sidewalk traffic light control system. To safely divert, supervise, manage, divert and identify passing vehicles and pedestrians.

Railway operation control and management, along the railway, set up monitoring and guidance systems, at crossroads, and vehicle stations, set up track exchange and automatic control systems, so that the train can run safely, orderly, and on time.

The marine monitoring and management system, in the marine satellite receiving signal management system, guarantees the safe navigation of marine transportation on the sea.

Aviation Industry Traffic Management and Monitoring System

Aerospace Industry Control System


Medical Industry Control System

Medical equipment operation control and management, rolling in major medical systems,
Medical diagnosis processing and analysis and application


Communication Industry Control System


National Communication Base Station and Related Equipment

Communication system within a certain range

Building monitoring and security system

Voice Control Center

Manufacturing Industry Control Monitoring System

Control of CNC machine tools
Automatic control of robot production line
Collection and processing of petrochemical data
Portable field operation control
Financial information processing

construction Industrial Control Systems 

The integrated control center for outdoor advertising
The commercial vending automatic control system
Environmental monitoring analysis and management system
Environmental protection
Military industry

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