PCB materials


The base PCB materials (CCL-Copper Clad Laminate) are composite materials composed of the dielectric layer (Resin, glass fiber) and a high-purity conductor (copper foil).

PCB Materials A

PCB Materials A

PCB materials classification:

1, Classification of PCB materials

a. Paper board(FR-1, FR-2, FR-3)

b. Epoxy Glass Cloth (FR-4, FR-5)
c. Composite board (CEM-1, CEM-3)
d. HDI board (RCC-Resin Coated Copper)
e. Special board (metal board, ceramic board, etc.)

2, Classification for the different types of resin PCB materials

a. Epoxy resin
b. Polyester resin
c. PI resin (polyimide)

3, Classification for flame retardant properties PCB materials

a. Flame retardant (UL94-V0, UL94-V1)
b. Non-flame retardant (UL94-HB level)

PCB Materials details you can check as below.

PCB Materials
Items PCB Prototype capacity (area < 1m2;) Small and medium batch (area > 1m2)
PCB Materials General Tg FR4: Shengli S1141, Kingboard KB6160A Shengli S1141
High-Tg Halogen-free: Shengli    S1170G Halogen-free TG170, TU-862 HF TG170 Shengli    S1170G Halogen-free TG170, TU-862 HF TG170
Medium Tg Halogen-free: Shengli    S1150G Halogen-free TG150 Shengli    S1150G Halogen-free TG150
High Halogen-free CTI: Shengli    S1151G( CTI&ge;600V) Shengli    S1151G( CTI&ge;600V)
High CTI: Shengli S1600( CTI&ge;600V)Kingboard KB6160C Shengli S1600( CTI&ge;600V)Kingboard KB6160C
Special Material(High low temperature): Shengli    SH260 Shengli    SH260
High Tg FR4: S1000-2, S1000-2M,IT180A S1000-2, S1000-2M,IT180A
Ceramic powder filled high frequency Rogers4003, Rogers4350, Arlon25N,shengyi S7136 Rogers4350, Rogers4003,shengyi S7136
PTFE high frequency material: Rogers, Taconic, Arlon,Taizhou wangling Rogers, Taconic, Arlon,Taizhou wangling
High Frequency PCB PP RO4450    0.1mm,shengyi    Synamic6, RO4450    0.1mm,shengyi s6
High Speed( 1-5G) MEG4,Tu-862,Tu-662, Tu-768, S7038, S1165, Isola-FR408HR, Isola-FR406,EMC TW -EM370,EM828G IT170GRANP175FM(Nanya) MEG4, Tu-862, Tu-662, Tu-768,S7038, S1165, Isola-FR408HR, Isola-FR406,EMC TW -EM370, EM828GIT170GRA,NP175FM(Nanya)
High Speed( 5-10G) MEG4,Tu-872, N4000-13, M4, Tu-863(Halogen-free),Synamic4, EM-888, I-Speed(Isola) N4800-20SI(Nelco) IT-958G MEG4,Tu-872, N4000-13, M4, Tu-863(Halogen-free), Synamic4, EM-888, I-Speed(Isola) N4800-20SI(Nelco)    IT-958G
High Speed( 10-25G) MEG6, Tu-883,shengyi Synamic6, Meteorwave1000/2000/3000(Nelco), EM-891(EMC TW),EM-888K, IT-968, I-Tera MT40(Isola) MEG6, Tu-883,shengyi Synamic6, Meteorwave1000/2000/3000(Nelco), EM-891(EMC TW), EM-888K, IT-968 I-Tera MT40(Isola)
High Speed(>25G) MEG7, Tu-933,Meteorwave4000( Nelco), IT-988, Tachyon 100G(Isola) MEG7, Tu-933,Meteorwave4000( Nelco), IT-988 Tachyon 100G(Isola)
High Frequency PCB DK 2.2-2.25 RO5880, TLY-5(Taconic) SCGA-500    GF220(shengyi), F4BK225 /
High-Frequency PCB DK 2.33 RO5870, TLY-3(Taconic) /
High-Frequency PCB DK 2.45 TLX-0(Taconic), TLT-0(Taconic) /
High-Frequency PCB DK 2.5-2.55 AD250(Arlon), TLT-9(Taconic), TLY-9(Taconic); SCGA-500 GF255(shengyi), TLT-8(Taconic), TLY-8(Taconic), F4B255 /
High-Frequency PCB DK 2.6-2.65 TLT-7(Taconic), TLY-7(Taconic); TLT-6(Taconic), TLY-6(Taconic), SCGA-500 GF265(shengyi), F4B265 /
High-Frequency PCB DK 2.7-2.75 AD270(Arlon); TLC-27(Taconic) /
High-Frequency PCB DK 2.92-2.94 RO6002, CLTE( Arlon) /
High-Frequency PCB DK 2.95 AD295(Arlon), TLE-95(Taconic) /
High-Frequency PCB DK 3.0 SCGA-500    GF300(AR-320(Arlon), (Taconic), TLC-30(Taconic), RO3203, F4BK300 /
High-Frequency PCB DK 3.2-3.28 AD320(Arlon), AR-320(Arlon), TLC-32(Taconic);TMM-3( Rogers);25N(Arlon) /
High-Frequency PCB DK 3.37-3.38 25FR(Arlon), Ro4003 /
High-Frequency PCB DK 3.48-3.5 RO4350, RO4835, AR-350(Arlon), RF-35(Taconic), F4BK350 /
High-Frequency PCB DK 3.6 AD360(Arlon) /
High-Frequency PCB DK 4.5 AR-450(Arlon), TMM-4( Rogers), /
High-Frequency PCB DK 6.0 AR-600(Arlon), TMM-6( Rogers), /
High-Frequency PCB DK 6.15 RO3006, RO6006, RO4360 /
High-Frequency PCB DK 9.2-9.8 TMM-10( Rogers), TMM-101( Rogers) /
High-Frequency PCB DK 10.0-10.2 AR-1000(Arlon), CER-10(Taconic), RO3010, RO3210,    RO6010 /


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