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1. How to get free technical support before ordering from the help center?

You can email us, you can SKYPE, LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK.

2. Are technical communication and some simple technical services free?

We will determine according to the actual situation of the initial communication, which works is free, for example, help customers confirm technical problems, assist in changing PCB design, etc.

3. What should I do if I have not received any tracking number for the order?

You can communicate in time, understand the actual cargo status, and get timely updates on cargo transportation.

4. What information is required for a quotation?

It is necessary to provide GERBER files, BOM standard, or PCB files, structural drawings so that we can arrange urgent and important work according to the specific conditions of the project.


5. How to get coupons or discounts?

Promptly communicate, new customers can take the initiative to propose some discount needs.

6. Can PCB, PCBA, or finished products be ordered and paid separately?

Different payment times can be communicated as required.

Highfive Help Center

Highfive Help Center

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