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Welcome to Highfive PCB Prototype and NPI, Pilot, Mass! With more than 15 years in the field of PCB.
We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers from different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness, and any other demanding requests.
 As one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers in China, we pride ourselves to be your best business partners as well as good friends in every aspect of your PCB needs.

Highfive Electronics is at the forefront of Electronic Technologies, helping customers from various disciplines to reach the market in a timely fashion.


We start from the very inception of the design and carry it through all the way to production.


The customer benefits from our experience of EMS, electronic and electrical solutions, choice of materials, the resource of the integrated chip, economies of scale, engineering, manufacturing.


Not only for PCB Fabrication and Assembly, but you can also get a one-stop turnkey solution for electronics, please contact HIEDESIGN for much more details.


Our know-how in PCB and PCBA technologies could help you save time and money in a fast-paced market.

      About us High-Speed Delivery

Through the years we are proud to have been keeping an on-time delivery rate of 99%. We know, apart from PCB quality, the other most important factor is the shortest possible lead-time, which is crucial for engineers’ R&D works, especially in the stage of prototyping. We work in three shifts to make sure your PCBs will be on your desk as agreed up and as early as possible.

      Why Us?

PCB is one of the most crucial parts of any electrical and electronic devices. The quality of PCB determines the quality of all these devices. Modern technology makes possible the increasing miniaturization of integrated circuits, higher packing density, and smaller layout dimension, hence the higher demands on PCB arise.

Why us as your one-stop PCBA Services

Just like the PCB business, our PCBA services also specialize in prototyping and small-volume production, the one-stop destination for board fabrication and assembly. This arrangement makes your R&D work easy and time-saving. Fulfilling hundreds of orders daily from around the world, we have established ourselves as the leading supplier of PCB and PCBA services for our consistent quality and excellent services.

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    HIGHFIVE Competitive Cost 500 About us

    HIGHFIVE Competitive Cost 500 About us

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